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A New (x?) Start

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Sunrise. Orange and shiny.

I think we might have it folks. We've gone through an entire pandemic, and a series of off and on/ongoing mental and physical health concerns.

But now there's renewed vigor (for the most part) and a little bit more time to do those things in. We're going to try it. We're going to try to post more and explore the creative side of stuff more and drink all of our milk without having to be prodded and bribed with chocolate. That was a long sentence, let's get on with it, you moron.

We're not sure how often or how quality our stuff is going to be but we'd like to have fun doing it and make it as cools as we can. There's no mission statement really. It's just that we've discovered that this weird ol' world is too weird without trying to make it tolerable and enjoyable. And spread the smiles ass far as we can!

To para-quote a man and/or series of robots trapped in outerspace, "Sodium, won't you?"

Author | Paul Nix

Published | 26th Apr 2024